(Alexandre Aja, 2013)

Rating: 3/5

Reviewed by Dave Lancaster

: Daniel Radcliffe tries a darker side with 'Horns' - a twisted little mystery that runs out of steam in the third act.

Despite having magical elements, 'Horns' sees Daniel Radcliffe attempting to break away from his Harry Potter alter ego, and for a while it works.

Alexandre Aja's film is surprisingly dark and twisted in its telling of a murdered girl, her accused boyfriend and a magical spell that brings all of the small town's nutters out of the woodwork.

It's got a 'Twin Peaks' vibe to it that surprises and pleases throughout the first half, but it runs out of its own magic by the last third and ends without the originality that it began with.

The twist of the plot sees Radcliffe's character sprout horns. He questions whether he's the devil at first but ultimately decides to use his new supernatural powers to solve the riddle of his love's death, redeem himself and find a strength he once lost.

Pointless narration and an unbelievable end reveal spoil the black comedy fun and macabre intrigue but it's A for effort from Radcliffe.

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