Jurassic World

Jurassic World

(Colin Trevorrow, 2015)

Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by Dave Lancaster

: More epic than even Spielberg's original, Jurassic World reinvigorates the franchise and takes a bite out of consumerism in the process.

There's a reason why this Jurassic Park sequel has an inflated title of Jurassic World - it's not just the epic scale of the budget and effects but the film's themes that are upgraded to global status.

Taking place over two decades after Steven Spielberg's original, Jurassic World sees the ill-fated park idea successfully relaunched to incredible Disney-esque success but with visitor rates dwindling a new hybrid dinosaur is unveiled only to quickly escape while the resort is open to the public.

While the dangers of blind greed were touched on in the originals, Colin Trevorrow's film sends them into overdrive. Indeed, it's fitting that the film is littered with product placement (hello Diet Coke and Mercedes) when the park itself would be as well.

Jurassic World serves as a cautionary tale, but above all it's just a good old fashioned disaster movie. Man of the moment Chris Pratt stars alongside Bryce Dallas Howard as a velociraptor trainer (yes, that's a job now) and the park's operations manager struggling to defeat a mammoth Godzilla-style monster and save the visitors. There's the usual mixture of conflicting idealists and power-mad capitalists to keep the somewhat predictable plot turning over, but it's the thrills and chemistry that keep a picture like this in check and Trevorrow's film delivers.

Still, you can't help but realise that the visual effects in Jurassic World (2015) pale in comparison to Jurassic Park (1993), such is the reliance on impossible vistas and long shot CGI as opposed to Spielberg's almost claustrophobic treatment on the first film. But in a way, that's also the key to Jurassic World's success - it's different, bigger and bolder. It's an evolution.

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