The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner

(Russell Crowe, 2014)

Rating: 4/5

Reviewed by Dave Lancaster

: A solid debut as director from Russell Crowe, 'The Water Diviner' a deeply personal account of war's aftermath.

'The Water Diviner' is the kind of lead role that Russell Crowe has been deserving for a good few years now. The added bonus is that it also marks his debut as film director.

Crowe stars as an Australian man with a skill for finding water in the most desolate of locations. He discovers buried, elusive life and releases it, but when we meet him he's a man who is lost.

His three sons went missing and were presumed killed in the Battle of Gallipoli and now his wife has gone too. His desperation sends him on an almost impossible mission from Australia to Turkey find his perished children and return their bodies to the family plot.

'The Water Diviner' sees Crowe in fine form as a man coming to terms with a life on his own, but his film is more beautiful than it is depressing. Crowe has a great eye for composition, location and cinematography.

Crowe has crafted a visual poem that avoids the typical war and soul searching cliches to emerge as an honest and heartfelt picture. As director and star, Crowe draws plenty from the well.

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