WATCH: Epic 2-minute film celebrating the unseen heroes of the film industry

Independent agency Brothers and Sisters is back in cinemas with a new epic spot for Pearl & Dean celebrating the unseen heroes of the film industry.

The tongue-in-cheek film, aims to celebrate the unseen heroes of the film industry and tells the story of an enigmatic woman who trains tumbleweed to roll across the screen at precisely the right moment during a western shoot out.

'Tumbleweed Trainer' is presented as a spoof 1950s documentary film about the making of a western. The two-minute long film follows the tumbleweed trainer on the set of a western called Duel of Desire as she goes through the arduous and often solitary task of whipping her tumbleweeds into shape. She is described by the narrator as "a lady no self-respecting director could do without".

'Tumbleweed Trainer' is inspired by a long lost behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of The Searchers, the 1956 John Ford western starring John Wayne.

Brothers and Sisters ensured that a high level of authenticity was applied to every aspect of the 'Tumbleweed Trainer' shoot. Playing homage to the classic era of the Western film genre, the ad is shot in 16mm and 35mm film and the team used vintage recording equipment, including microphones from the 1940s, to make the voiceover. The score was recorded by a real orchestra and the 1950s set workers were allowed to smoke on screen.

The film was directed by thirtytwo (aka Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace) through Pulse Films. Amongst their work, thirtytwo's definitive film about iconic British band Blur ("No Distance Left to Run") was nominated for a Grammy award

'Tumbleweed Trainer' (#tumbleweedtrainer) will run on Pearl & Dean cinema screens and online, including Pearl & Dean's digital channels, from Friday 23rd September.

Pearl & Dean - Tumbleweed Trainer from Brothers and Sisters on Vimeo.

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